As you grow.

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If you are at a point of life where you are losing friends as you are getting older, and feel scared about it, there is no need to worry. In fact, losing friends with age is quite normal and happens to everyone.

Let me tell you the good news first. The positive aspect in this is that you will become a completely different individual with entirely new way of living. Changing anything can be a chance for a fresh start. You will meet new friends and travel to new destinations that you will grow fond of.

Of course, there is bad news, as well. That’s the letting go of some things. The hardest thing is letting go of close friendships, especially best friends. But sometimes, this is necessary for new positive changes to take place. Changes often bring new opportunities for you and you should try to get a hold of them. At the end, it is a good thing to be an opportunist.

1. Safe zone

As you get older, you may become more protective of your secrets. You are only willing to open up to a select few. You no longer want everyone to know your personal business and only trust these couple of good friends who you know you can rely on.

2. Less and less Time

As you grow older, your time for socializing will simply shrink. It might have to do with professional demands or starting a family – the point is, you’ll simply have less time on your hands and chances are that with age you’ll learn to properly value it. That’s why you’ll choose not to waste it on people whose company you don’t really enjoy that much. You’d rather save your time for people who matter to you and for relationships that you find rewarding. Losing friends that don’t matter so much isn’t a big deal in this case.

3. Relationships that matter

OK, something happens and you need your friend’s help or advice. Instead of going down the phone tree of friends who are supposed to be your friends, but really aren’t, you have your circle on speed dial. The masses don’t always mean more. You find this out when you need their help or they only appear to be your friend when it’s convenient for them.

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