If you don’t know. Shut up!


Many people use a new year, or even a new semester, to make a change in their lives. We make resolutions to cut out bad habits and live a more positive life, but why wait? Maybe we are too comfortable with procrastination. Here are 11 reasons to stop judging others and live a more positive life.

1. Everyone has a right to live their lives

It is highly likely that someone will judge your decisions outside, but these are your decisions. Others must feel free to live as they want.

2. You don’t know the whole story

You never know why people do the things they do. Sometimes their actions were taken out of necessity or despair. Most of the people we judge have real difficulties and need no explanation whatsoever.

3. It takes up your time

The time we spend evaluating others takes a lot of time that we could use to spend time with loved ones or do something worthwhile. Time is so precious that you must not lose it.

4. Find yourself

When we truly learn who we are and think about our own lives, we experience how others see us. We learn who we really are. Without judgment or opinion, we can look at our lives and the direction in which they are going.

5. Learn to accept yourself

Strive to be a better person, but accept who you are. Do you like your mistakes and your strengths? To love who we are gives us the power that no one can take away.

6. Reflect on your own actions

If you do not spend so much time criticizing others and taking time to think about your actions, you may be shocked. Some people do not even recognize their negative habits and never learn the impact they have on others.

7. Learn to accept others

You do not always have to like what others are doing, but it’s important to accept them anyway. If we accept others, we have come closer to our real acceptance.

8. It hurts your reputation

You may not notice it, but your entourage will notice how much you can judge. Nobody wants to be known as the person who always speaks badly of others or who is always capable of judgment.

9. It’s none of your business

Generally, the actions of others do not affect us. We should not waste our time chatting and judging others for their decisions. You should not judge, because you are probably not interested.

10. Live a more positive life

When we change our habits and we do not choose to judge others, we change the worldview. You do not have to worry so much about what others are doing. you can focus on yourself. You can focus on the impact you have on others and work to make them more positive.

11. Spread positivity

By stopping judgment, gossiping and hypercriticism, we inspire others to do the same. Leading by example is one of the most underrated influences we have and it should be used to encourage others.

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