Keep in touch.


Don’t ignore the effort of a person who tries to keep in touch, it’s not all the time someone cares.

Keep in Touch Quotes for Our Beloved People!

1. Let’s fill our life with more joy and keep the connection with our friends and relatives.

2. We think we don’t have enough time for something and then realize there’s plenty of time but nobody is around you.

3. You won’t have another chance to talk, it happens and then it’s too late to bring it back.

4. Words are nothing, the only action can prove that people matter to you.

5. You can have a lot of work, but close people are more important.

6. Keeping in touch is the key to a good relationship.

7. Great advice to keep in mind.

8. Always remember good deeds and keep in touch with people who do them.

9. Don’t take it for granted, because it is not everyone that is willing to take time to do that.

10. Keeping in touch with the past destroys a person until he realizes he should keep in touch with what is alive.

11. There’re many people to talk to, but only with a real human, you can keep in touch.

12. Keeping in touch with your friends will make your friendship stronger.

13. Make sure you keep in touch with a person’s soul as it lasts longer.

14. There’s not a lot you should do to keep in touch.

15. We understand some things too literally. People who live in two different corners of this world can keep in touch, while those who live next to each other can’t even say “hello”.

16. Forget all the grouches and call a person you miss a lot.

17. Don’t risk to become a stranger to the closest person, keep in touch.

18. Everyone can be around when it’s a good time, but to keep in touch when it’s a hard time is a challenge for many people.

19. Life is short, so keep in touch with your loved ones.

20. You may not have a lot of time, but it takes a minute to wish a good day.

21. Avoid any excuses to keep in touch with an important person.

22. Keeping in touch can make people happy and smile on a cloudy day.

23. You may not be around, but you can easily “deliver” the words in this world.

24. Keeping in touch with people who give us inspiration and motivation.

25. Keep in touch quotes can’t express the whole importance of the connection with close friends and relatives. But remember that it’s never too late to call and text whom you care about.

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