Loneliness doesn’t come from being alone.

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Loneliness doesn’t come from being alone. It comes from feeling that nobody cares. ❤

9 Reasons Why Being Alone Is Good For You

“We are meant to be in relationships with other people, but just as surely, we are meant to partake of aloneness. To deny this part of our existence is a little like trying to walk the earth on one foot instead of two” – Florence Falk.

In 1950, just 22 percent of American adults were single, and 4 million people lived alone. Currently, More than 50 percent of American adults are single and nearly 27 million people live alone. The statistics prove that we’re more on our own than ever.

Alone time is quite different than loneliness, which carries some health risks, including increased risk of heart disease and depression. But having some “me time,” on the other hand is an excellent idea.

Here are 9 reasons why being alone is actually good for you.

1. You can recharge

Being around people is both exhilarating and exhausting. It means having to constantly be alert and aware of what’s going on around you and in conversations that require your full attention. Socializing at work and with friends is definitely a positive thing, but it can also be draining.

When you’re alone, you can use that quiet time to recharge and regroup. It’s essential to do this so that when you’re around people again, you feel refreshed, more energetic, and ready to interact.

2. You will enjoy your own company

Being with other people can be risky, especially if they are negative, and you may not realize how much it can affect your life.

You can pick up a hobby that will provide you with a sense of accomplishment. Gardening, walking, learning a new language, cooking, reading, watching films, etc… Just find something that gives you the opportunity to focus and work on.

3. You’ll enjoy your relationships even more

When you spend time alone on a regular basis and eventually start to enjoy being alone, you’ll come to find that you also enjoy your relationships with other people even more.

And that’s because the time spent alone gives you a greater appreciation for yourself.

But it also lets you appreciate all the great things that come from your relationships with other people, most of which you were oblivious to before.

4. You see and hear things you wouldn’t otherwise

We often make idle conversation with people just to fill the silence, but when we’re quiet, we can hear and see things we don’t notice otherwise. We’re able to appreciate the small things in life because we don’t miss them when they happen, and being alone can help you pay more attention to those important moments.

5. You won’t have to apologize for anything

When you start to enjoy being alone, you’ll quickly see that solitude means you don’t have to keep apologizing for what you’ve done. So often, we do things that end up upsetting other people or hurting someone else’s feelings, and then have to quickly apologize for it.

But when you’re alone, you don’t have to apologize for anything. And that takes a lot of pressure out of most situations. You get to stop second-guessing everything you say, or every move you make because you’re afraid someone is going to be offended, or saddened, and angered.

6. You will be able to think for yourself

You live your life caring what other people think of you. Therefore, you will look for other’s opinions.

However, when you do have time to get your thoughts straight, you will become too busy focusing on yourself. You will not be looking around to see how other people are reacting to your actions. Therefore always try to listen to your heart and take control of your own life.

7. You will be more independent

Once you enjoy being alone, you’ll feel more confident in your ability to actually be alone. And that naturally leads to you feeling more independent.

You’ll no longer feel that anxiety, or burning desire for company, once you learn to enjoy being alone. You won’t feel the need for constant interaction with other people, or the anxiety associated with looking around and seeing no one but yourself.

8. You appreciate the people in your life

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Taking some time away from the people in your life can help you realize how important and valuable they are to you. This break can renew your excitement for spending time with the people who you care about the most, and you will return from spending time alone happier and more enthusiastic about seeing them.

9. Your creative side will flourish

You can achieve your creative side by shutting down the outside world.

You can take advantage of the silence to improve your creative work. When you are being alone, it can give you the time and space to focus on your most important work.

You should not fear to be alone because spending time with yourself and gaining a better understanding will help you to make better choices in your life.

“If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone.” – Maxwell Maltz.

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