My Mother was my Best Friend.


22 Things Every Mom and Daughter Should Do Together at Least Once

Every mother-daughter relationship is different

You may have survived the rollercoaster teenage years to realize you’ve come out of it closer than ever. She is literally your favorite person to spend time with and knows you better than anyone.

Or maybe you’re looking for a chance to reconnect – or maybe you’re just a new mom with a bored toddler on her hands.

No matter the status of your relationship, we have a bucket list of memory-making adventures for all of Y’all!

As Susan Merrill, mother, and founder of Family First’s motherhood program iMOM, put it:

“Time is a vapor, it just floats away from us. I need to make moments happen with my girls, but it takes really careful planning because they are busy and living in different cities. I realized that I needed a bucket list to make sure I captured some moments with my kids.

It’s a list with no age limit and no deadline. Personalize it to fit your own interests and your girls’ ages. Just remember: It’s not about how many items you cross off, but rather that you complete them together.”

A-List of Mother-Daughter Bucket List Ideas

We hope this list helps strengthen the relationship you have with your daughter and fills you both with joy.

Is there a better way to show your daughter that you love and appreciate her and want to share all the wisdom you’ve picked up along the way than give her your presence?

We hope this list will strengthen the relationship you have with your daughter and make you happy.

Note: These ideas came from Susan Merrill, Deborah Hutton, and Easy Living Mom. (1,2,3)

1. Create a family recipe (which could turn into a family cookbook)

2. Read a book together

3. See a Broadway play

4. Go on a road trip

5. Organize a mother-daughter photoshoot (maybe even invite grandma)

6. Make and bury a time capsule

7. Complete a physical challenge (e.g., a hike, marathon, or charity run)

8. Compose a list of qualities she should look for in a man

9. Volunteer with an organization you’re both passionate about

10. Create a holiday tradition (e.g., pumpkin picking or Christmas tree hunting)

11. Plant a garden with your favorite flowers

12. Start a hobby together (e.g., jewelry making or pottery)

13. Have a classic movie marathon

14. Redecorate your daughter’s room

15. Get up early to catch a sunrise

16. Go out and do karaoke

17. Get a free makeover at a department store

18. Visit your town or city’s local museums and/or galleries

19. Have a spa weekend

20. Do something only your daughter has always wanted to do (and vice versa)

21. Cook a surprise dinner for the men in your life

22. Look at baby pictures together

Don’t let your list stop there! What makes this mother-daughter bucket list so awesome is that it’s completely customizable.

This is merely a springboard for all the things you’ve always wanted to do with your daughter – and we hope you take this and run with it.

You won’t regret it for a second!


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