Say Enough is enough.


I forgive that I give too many opportunities. I let myself be hurt by people in exactly the same way.

Every time they apologize, I accept their apologies. Whenever they promise to change, I believe them. Whenever they apologize for their behavior, I take their lies as facts.

People are much more friendly with me than with me, which is why I’m always stuck in one-way relationships, poisoned friendships, terrible situations.

I have a hard time letting my loved ones go and, even if they do horrible and unacceptable things, I always think they are good people. I still suppose they are on my side. I still give them all the love in my chest.

I give too many second chances, even if it’s going to waste again and again, because I’m nice. I give I have a tender heart.

I am a forgiving person – but I am not a stupid person.

That’s why it’s time for me to leave you. I can not continue to treat you so badly. I gave you ten, twenty, thirty chances, but they finally ran. You do not have another chance to hurt me.

Do not dare to feel guilty when I leave. You know I’m not the kind of person who left without trying to fix things first. I am not the kind of person who goes away without guilt.

It’s killing me to leave, but it’s you who provoked it. Things would have been different if you changed your behavior after you hurt me for the first time. Or the second. Or the third. You have had time to make adjustments, but you are exactly the person you were then. They did not learn anything. They are not up to it.

You should be embarrassed because if someone like me, someone who passes a second chance like sweets, decided to cut you off from my world, then not for a reason. I have hundreds of reasons. It’s because you hurt me a thousand ways.

You can not do much to repel someone like me, which means you have to have a number with me. After all that you have lived, you can not change anything to make me change my mind. You hurt me too much. You made me reach a point of no return.

Although I let your mistakes slip into the past, I can not offer you an indefinite forgiveness. I can not always put you first if you put me so low on your list of priorities. It’s not fair to me And it’s time to think about what’s best for me.

I give too many second chances – but I will never give you another one.

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