6 years of living abandoned dogs and cats, but the happiness of Ms. Ngoc is when her “children” go, find a new owner to love them.

Early in the morning, the house of nearly 300 square meters in the middle of a rice field that was temporarily built with brick walls, covered with corrugated iron by Nguyen Thi Ngoc in Hung Long commune, Binh Chanh district, echoed the sound of dogs barking for food. The 46-year-old woman picked up the hot rice cooker and placed it on the floor, and the 46-year-old woman began to divide it into small bowls. The dogs with both hind legs and legs tried to move closer, while the other dogs with quadriplegic could only turn their heads to look at her and purr.

After the meal, Ngoc shook hands to treat Coconut Dry – a four-legged dog abandoned by its owner in Cai Be, Tien Giang. She poured a few drops of medicinal alcohol on the soles of her feet to massage, sometimes she pressed hard to stimulate the muscles and nerves for the little dog. After half an hour of “physical therapy”, Coconut Dry was put in a homemade wheelchair to practice walking. “After about a week, the baby can walk, but still needs a wheelchair”, Ngoc said.

Dry Coconut was taken care of by Ms. Hang, 51 years old in the US, who was rescued and brought in by Ms. Ngoc. “We saved the baby, but three days in a row she was passed from person to person, no one took care, luckily thanks to Ngoc that she can walk”, Ms. Hang said.

Ms. Ngoc is raising nearly 100 dogs and cats are mostly paralyzed.

Being a person who loves dogs and cats, but the “profession” that brings handicapped animals to Ms. Ngoc by accident. Six years ago, while she was working, she saw a faint sound of cats on the other side of the street. When she came to check, she found a cat paralyzed so she brought it home to raise it and named it Plus.

But her family doesn’t like cats, and every time she goes to work, Plus is taken away on the corner. During nearly a week, I had to go search after I worked. Thinking that she could not stay like this forever, Ngoc moved her things to District 2 to find a boarding house.

Loving little cat who cannot walk by herself, she learns how to cure. Refer to many foreign websites that there are wheelchairs supporting cats paralyzed from tubes and wheels, she decided to try. The woman who had never known a hand saw, fine needle, screw, that day saw the water pipe into pieces, assembled it into the frame and sewed the belt attached to the frame. The scratches from the saw blades or dozens of needles made her hand bleed. Putting Plus on the light stroller, she saw that the cat tried to move its front legs, still feeling a little leaning on the ground as if wanting to step. “Although not completely healthy, but Plus eats and is fatter, lives with me for a year. Since then I thought, dogs and cats are disabled but as long as they are cared for and exercised, they can be well again. abandon them “, Ngoc said.

Dogs and cats with 4 legs paralyzed, Ms. Ngoc lay on the shelf, lined a towel to absorb urine.

Since then, whenever she sees abandoned dogs and cats, Ms. Ngoc will come and take care of them and make wheelchairs for them. After a while, if “children” are healthy, she finds new owners for them, and I still keep “children” seriously paralyzed. “I gave my children very carefully, so it never made a mistake. I asked for the address of the house, said the day after tomorrow to bring them, but tomorrow I went to their house to observe,” she shared.

At first, Ms. Ngoc received a lot of dogs and cats who were paralyzed and abandoned. Because of that, she did not have enough time to take care of her, many children died. Knowing that I can not hold her, from then until now, she only saved the cases that I encountered or called by acquaintances. I do not save the dogs and cats that someone posted on Facebook for support because I believe that once she is interested by the online community, that child will definitely be saved.

Although she loves animals that are less fortunate, there are times when she finds herself discouraged, wanting to stop. Those are tired days when coming home from work, seeing that the dogs are stabbed to go to the bathroom, smelly, smelly, or the times when the dog has just saved, but cannot survive. “But I thought that my dirty people could take a bath, but dogs and cats did not. I had to help them, then I went out to see cats and dogs left behind,” Ngoc said.

In addition to eating, the treatment for them also costs a large amount. Some children are healthy, but some children lie in the same place for life, hygiene is out of control. Sometimes I have to bathe and dry them twice a day because I can’t stand the sight of my “child” getting dirty.

To have money to take care of this herd of cats and dogs, Ms. Ngoc turned to delivery, driving technology motorcycle. Although waking up from 5am, but until noon, this single woman dares to turn on the app to wait for “explosion”.

As a friend who has watched Ngoc’s work since the early days, Kim Anh, 30, from District 4, said: “The most precious thing is that she only adopts abandoned dogs and cats. Saigon has very few places to accept them because she takes great care of her, she is very dedicated, from caring for them, taking care of food and hygiene to self-treatment, many recovered and able to walk. “.

Among the “babies” she was conceived of, Ngoc remembered the dog named Roi the most. Three years ago, Ngoc happened to see a friend calling for help in Hanoi about a dog being electrocuted and thrown in the middle of the street on the 30th of Tet. On Tet holiday, there is no vet clinic to work, the girl who saved the baby Fall took care of the baby. After four days of treatment, all four legs were necrotic and had to be removed. No one took care of a dog with a dead leg, the wound was still bleeding.

Ms. Ngoc texted the girl: “If she gets into Saigon, I will take care of her”. With the help of the community, when the wound was still not completely healed, Fall was transported to Saigon by air. With the care of Ngoc, more than a month after Falling, she will be strong but no longer has legs, so she moves like a frog. “A month later, I had to move my house, I was busy packing my things in the car but haven’t moved the dogs. Fear of me leaving, he waited in front of the truck,” she said.

Ms. Ngoc built her own wheelchair to support the paralyzed cats and dogs, stimulated the dog’s movement. There are children lying in one place who have urination, but when they are in a wheelchair they can use the toilet.

After six years of raising a flock of paralyzed dogs, 5 times when Ms. Ngoc had to move house because she was reflected by her neighbors. Last year, she was lent a large piece of land in the middle of a field by a sponsor by a sponsor to build a house to carry dogs. With a small amount of money she saved, she built a living room, a private dog-breeding area with brick walls and corrugated iron. This month, she is able to build the wall, the next month is covered with ceramic tiles, reinforcing the fence …

“When Ngoc just came here, dogs were not used to hearing anything strange, barking. But now, Ngoc has built a closed wall, the dogs listening to Ngoc will also be quiet. The dogs were injured again. In my free time I went to help Ngoc to feed and bathe dogs, “said Bich Vui, 26 years old, neighbor Ms. Ngoc.

At noon, when she had just finished delivering two orders to her customers, Ngoc stopped her car under a tree to rest in the sun. Turning on the phone to monitor the camera at home, she saw a golden boy with two hind legs growling about to bite each other. Ms. Ngoc shouted into the phone: “Gold, don’t hit you”. The dogs at home heard Ms. Ngoc’s voice through the loud speaker, bewildered around.

In the collapsed but airy house, two fans turned on at full capacity, whirring. Each of them dragged to a flat corner, caught sunlight slanting through the metal roof, their eyes were sleepy. “Now, my life is so happy”, she smiled and started to continue welcoming guests.


A story about a woman in Viet Nam.


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