We Meet Everyone For A Reason; Either They’re A Blessing Or A Lesson.


The people who come into your life can be explained by these 5 Cosmic Reasons:

1. They are sent to awaken us.

We all fell at one point in this journey into our lives – we feel so comfortable, where our lives are right now, that we fall into the autopilot. Once we are actively engaged in our lives, we are recovering now and letting ourselves go. At that time, the universe sends people into our lives to promote change and open our eyes to new possibilities.

2. They are sent to hold space for us.

While some people in our lives are dismissed with important roles that change their lives, others are much more subtle. These people may only be in our life for a short time and offer a fellowship before continuing, for example, the person in which you are sitting on the bus or the woman with whom you have a conversation while she is at the supermarket. Although their role in our lives is short, they always have a purpose.

3. They are sent to help us grow.

To reach our life goals, we must live through periods of growth and change, abandoning our old versions and becoming the person we ultimately need. This growth can sometimes come from an internal trigger, but it often starts with the influence of a third party sent into our lives to start the process.

4. They are sent to remind us.

Have you ever lost sight of a goal or dreamed of having reminded you later? These people are specially sent so that we can remember why we have taken the chosen path and where we want to go in this life.

5. They are sent to stay, holding a long-term role in our lives.

All recipients of this life will not be sent to us in the long run. However, those who do it are a rare and precious gift that should never be taken for granted. These include your best friend for life, your immediate family members and even your soul mate. Your impact on your life will be meaningful and permanent as it will help you not only to guide you, but also to your universal path.

We all have a goal in this world. Respect yourself and respect others. Realize your true self and really accept what this universe has to offer. Accept each day to learn the lessons of the future and remember that no matter how old you are, there will always be lessons to learn. Your path in life is paved with meaning. Enjoy your trip and do not be afraid of the unknown.

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