When he hesitates to choose you.


You should not be content with someone waiting to send you an SMS, wait until you see it and wait for a tag to be placed on your relationship.

You have to take care of someone who can not wait to call you his girlfriend, who can not wait to introduce you to his parents, who can not wait to start his life together.

If he behaved like your friend but took no steps to become your official friend, he is wasting your precious time. He’ll hire you because he likes to have you with him when he’s bored and lonely, but he does not want you all the time.

If he hesitates to choose you, you must decide for yourself.

If he lets you wait for a text, turn off your phone. Decide how long it takes to do something more valuable than waiting for an answer that should have happened hours ago. Concentrate on yourself, not on him, because if he does not consider you a priority, you should not consider him as one of yours.

Instead of holding your weekend in case it suits you at the last minute, you decide projects with your friends. Decide to reject him if his text arrives at ten in the morning because he should have contacted you earlier. He should have asked you to go first if he was afraid to see your face.

If he hesitates to choose you, you must decide for yourself. You must admit that you earn more. You must move away from him because he does not realize what he has rejected.

There is no point in pursuing him to convince him to treat you better. He will not change. It will hurt you as long as you leave it.

Instead of giving him a second chance, he does not deserve, instead of convincing himself that he is a good guy and that he deserves to retry thinking about what you deserve. You deserve someone who gives as much as he takes. Someone who joins you in the middle of the day, not only at night, when he is half lost.

You deserve someone who can not wait to have a serious relationship with you, not someone who does not know if he is ready for such a big commitment. Not someone who wonders if it’s worth leaving the single life. Not someone who values ​​his “freedom” in relation to your tender heart.

Do not choose it if it hesitates to choose you. Do not enter a unilateral relationship. Do not expose yourself to such pain if it could easily be avoided.

Instead of listening to your heart, listen to your head. For your good sense. A voice in the back of your mind that reminds you that you can do a lot better.

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